Our Story

Our Family

Dog Lovers was stablished by a local businessman in Tarpon Springs in 1998 with three locations. At present, only the Tarpon Spring Center is still in business.

In 2017, a family of two veterinarians, 2 teenagers, one dog, three cats and a parrot acquired the store. Our family has changed since then but as a brand we are consistently committed to providing the best options for a healthy life for our loved pets. We have evolved to a Holistic Center dedicated to pet nutrition and to advocating for a healthy lifestyle for all pets. We are independent, and locally owned.

Our staff is comprised of a team of professionals that share our love and passion for pets. They are always learning about the advancements in pet nutrition, common health issues, best nutrition practices and do their best to bring those products and knowledge to you. Toys and fun activities are an integral part of the well-being of your furry loved ones, so we offer a wide variety of these products too.