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  1. Dear Dog Lovers

    My name is Andrew Canevari I’m a 16 years old PHUHS IB student, and an Eagle Scout candidate. I’m working on my Eagle Scout service project that will benefit the Suncoast Animal League of Palm Harbor, and the animals displaced during the 2017 Hurricane season. There is much to be done, but I hope that through this project, I’ll be able to help some of the animals displaced and/or abandoned by owners fleeing the storm. I selected the Suncoast Animal League to do my project because they been helping local animals and from other regions of the country.

    I will produce and give the Suncoast Animal League a minimum of 30 “care packages” with essential pet items, to be used as a gift to the future pet owner. This will help the League to help find a newly forever parents by given an incentive for someone who might want to adopt an animal, but doesn’t think they have the money or supplies, as a starter kit. The care packages will contain items such food bowls, brush, toys, towel, and treats. Etc.

    I’m looking for sponsors and donations for the care packages and I hope you can help me to make a difference.
    v I’m looking for a few items to be donated to be included in each care package. The name of your business will be added to the package. Some samples are leashes, toys, blankets, food bowls, brushes, treats, gift cards for grooming and services discounts, etc.

    v For every 10 items donated, we will recognize your business in our sponsorship flyer, and will include your business name to all the care packages.

    v We are also looking for coupons you might want us to include to the care packages

    v Sealed food samples are also appreciated.

    v Gift cards for pet grooming sessions and other services are also appreciated.

    I rely completely on the incredible generosity of our wonderful community, sponsors and donors to fund my Eagle Scout Service project.
    I would love to stop by and tell you more about my project.

    Thank you so much in advance for helping me, to serve our community


    Andrew Canevari

    PLEASE EMAIL at FOR any PICK-UP of items.

    • Hello Andrew,

      Certainly, we will be more than happy to donate food and other items to your cause. We are very impressed with your interest and dedication to help these pets affected by hurricane Maria.

      Please call the store (727 937-1750) to set up a day and time to meet with us and discuss how we can help.

      Thanks for your willingness to help pets in need!


      Dog Lovers of Tarpon

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